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It's time to go to Africa, it's time for you to get ready. Let us help out by addressing any concerns you may have. But first, check our tips on how to prepare your trip.

Accesorios de viaje


You must bring sunscreen lotion with a high degree of protection. Sunglasses will help you protect your eyes from the intense sun but also, from the dust. We highly recommend you bring mosquito repellent and that you visit your local International Vaccination Center.

Baño de basura cero


We strongly recommend you do not wear tight clothing. Cotton or line will always be better since they are loose. You will experience changes in temperature during the same day, so it is practical to wear several layers of clothing and manage them according to the temperature oscillation. You can bring along pants with detachable legs, a warm sweater or a fleece, a hat and summer clothing (t-shirts and shorts).


You should also pack a swimsuit since most lodges have swimming-pool and we are sure you will enjoy a swim. You do not have to bring formal clothing if you like, but keep in mind that shorts will not be allowed in some establishments. Comfortable shoes (with thick sole) are the key for a good safari even if long walks or trekking are off the menu.

Brown y naranja de excursión el zapato


There is no such thing as a perfectly-packed bag for a safari, but we can be sure to say than unless you pretend to hike, bike or take public transportation, you will not need a backpack.

You will be traveling with a minivan or a vehicle 4x4 with a regular safari. Whether your idea is to do a camping safari or to do some trekking, you can leave most of your luggage at the lodge where you will be staying. Don’t forget to tip!

While climbing, you can leave your luggage at the base hotel, since you will be allowed to take only one bag with you. Remember to bring a bag for that purpose. The bag needs to be easy to carry, light and practical!

Maleta de tela


The electric current is 220-240 volts and 50 hertz. Sockets are of British type (type G), with three rectangular pins. Some remote lodges and tented camps are not connected to the electricity grid and rely on their own generators. In such cases, they often disconnect electricity during the day and night according to their own judgment.

Los teléfonos de carga
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