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the must-see in Tanzania

Would you like to enjoy your Tanzanian adventure to the fullest? Check our Must-see in Tanzania. 

Why Tanzania?
Why Tanzania?


Delve into the Ngorongoro Crater and touch with the tip of your fingers the roof of Africa, the Kilimanjaro.

See the pink line over Lake Manyara as 

flamingos come to drink. 

Follow the Great Migration in Serengeti and witness a sunset on the beach.

Take a picture of a baobab for posterity in Tarangire and discover a local market.

Drive across the colossal south of the country, an area waiting to be explored. 



Few places in the world are as recognized as Mount Kilimanjaro. Border between Kenya and Tanzania, Mount Kilimanjaro and its 5,895 meters, offer infinite opportunities to the traveler. For those prepared for climbing, the experience is incomparable with any other climb. For those who want to enjoy this mountain in a different way, there is the possibility of visiting the base of the mountain and the neighboring towns where the Chagga people live.



Tarangire National Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Tanzania. Famous for the large number of elephants, Tarangire also offers the spectacular view of the peculiar baobabs that dot the dazzling landscape in gray. Tarangire does not disappoint the traveler and is one of the places where one always wants to return.



The far south of Tanzania is also within our reach. From Dar es Salaam, the Ruaha, Mikumi and Selous / Nyerere parks open up to us so that we can discover in them an abundant wild fauna and an incomparable flora.

Tanzania South 15


There are countless reason to want to travel to Tanzania: the endless plains in the Serengeti, the tireless and tough Great Migration, the almighty Mount Kilimanjaro, the paradisiacal beaches of the coast and the islands in the Indian Ocean, the rough diamond still to be polished represented by the south and the west of this country, the traditional parks of the north, and of course, the people, one of the treasures everyone can have access to, expressed by more than 120 tribes. 

Far from being a topic, its abundant wildlife and nature do not go unnoticed. Here you can live some of the most exciting experiences in the animal world: contemplate the races of wildebeest that along with zebras migrate in order to survive, the behavior of fierce hippos and the apparently calm elephants, primates jumping from one tree to another, waterfowl or crocodiles are just some of the animals that live here. In any of its national parks and forests, we can get up close to the magnificent animal life. In addition, the country counts with a network of stunning establishments that in a privileged way offer the best views one can aspire to: untroubled wildlife and in the background, a spectacular sunset. 

However, Tanzania is not only wildlife and wild nature. The Tanzanian coast is calm and relaxing, perfect for unwinding, as turquoise ocean waters come to fine sandy beaches attracted by the swaying palm trees. Here, where the sunsets take your breath away, we can dive into the seabed and embrace a major opportunity to be in contact with nature.

Aika Tours & Safaris would like you to get know the Tanzanian culture, the way of life of the Tanzanian people, and of course, the gastronomy.



The Serengeti National Park, the endless plain, offers the extraordinary experience of witnessing the Great Migration. Thousands of animals follow their instincts, crossing at all cost the terrible waters of the Mara, Kirawira and Grumeti rivers, where patient crocodiles wait hungry for them. In Serengeti, you can relish one of the best sunsets in the world.



A part of paradise is undoubtedly found in Tanzania. Mafia, Pemba and Zanzibar, three islands of the Zanzibar Archipelago, wrap up everything travelers seeking sea and beach could want: coastal gastronomy, endless white sand beaches and cool breezes, dreamy water activities and all the history we want to learn.



Ngorongoro Crater is one of the Wonders of the World. The experience is unique from start to finish. Wild fauna and local tribes coexist here since it is a Conservation Area. The crater is also home to the Black Rhinoceros. This gift of nature is within your grasp in Tanzania. 

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